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March 20, 2018

As stated in Fixes #1, and as everyone recognizes there are challenges, problems, and “unintended consequences” that we’re all experiencing, there are fixes coming from NSHE and/or from Workday, but in the meantime we need to continue to process our work. These “Fixes” bulletins are intended to act as a vehicle to get the word out to all concerned about Procure-to-Pay matters. Please let us know of any corrections or additions that need to be made, and please share any work-arounds that you have found to be helpful and we will spread the word. Send your comments to

  • For ALL grant funded equipment, one of the following detail codes should be added as an additional worktag depending on whether it is capital equipment or not. The detail codes are only to be used for Grants because Award budgets have a different ledger to account for capital equipment. 
          Detail Code DC030: Capital / Equipment > $5,000
          Detail Code DC031: Equipment - Non Capitalized under $5000 
  • For change orders that involve the addition of a new line that wasn’t submitted on the original requisition, (e.g., billing a different account or adding a new item than was listed on the original requisition) a NEW requisition must be entered with a note in the Internal Memo box referencing the original PO the change order is related to. 
  • Several of the fixes coming from NSHE and/or from Workday that we talk about are close to being ready and should be rolled out by the end of April ’18. A few of the fixes will need to be held off until July when we start the new fiscal year. But your concerns are being listened to and addressed. 

Thank you and we hope this information is helpful. Please pass it on to co-workers, and this will be added to BCN Purchasing’s website, under News & Announcements. Also take advantage of Workday training opportunities offered at your institution and/or NSHE.