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Workday Fixes #3

June 5, 2018

As stated in Fixes #1 and #2, and as everyone recognizes there are challenges, problems, and “unintended consequences” that we’re all experiencing.  There are fixes coming from NSHE and/or from Workday, but in the meantime we need to continue to process our work.  These “Fixes” bulletins are intended to act as a vehicle to get the word out to all concerned about Procure-to-Pay matters.  Please let us know of any corrections or additions that need to be made, and please share any work-arounds that you have found to be helpful and we will spread the word.  Send your comments to

  • With Fiscal Year 2019 (FY ’19) almost here, just a quick reminder, we want to eliminate Advantage purchase orders that were converted to Workday. The only converted purchase orders on the books after July will be on-going, long-term projects such as construction.
  • With the Workday 30 update, a new capability was added. Once implemented, Buyers will be in the requisition approval stream before the requisition is finalized.  This will allow Buyers to modify-correct certain fields without having to return the requisition to the requester.  The details of this business process are being tested and the feature should be in production soon.
  • BCN Purchasing is accepting and sourcing FY ’19 requisitions for issuance July 1, 2018. Remember to include-attach all back-up documentation, even if the order is a renewal of last year’s PO.  Last year, the documentation was on paper, and now we need to recreate new, complete records in Workday.
  • Reminder: fixed assets and/or sensitive equipment should not be purchased with a p-card or with a blanket purchase order.  All equipment should be purchased with a Workday requisition-purchase order so that it can be properly recorded. 
  • Effective July 1, 2018, NSHE institutions will be required to abide by the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (2 CFR Part 200), commonly known as Uniform Guidance. The aspect of this that will have the biggest impact on the largest portion of NSHE faculty and staff will be a requirement that any purchase on Federal funds amounting to $3,500.00 or more must have at least two competitive quotations or be purchased under a competitively solicited contract. More detailed information will be forthcoming within the next few weeks.

Thank you and we hope this information is helpful.  Please pass it on to co-workers, and this will be added to BCN Purchasing’s website, under News & Announcements.  Also take advantage of Workday training opportunities offered at your institution and/or NSHE.