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Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the Faculty and Staff pages!  Here you can find lots of interesting and useful items.   

  • First there is a list of Preferred Suppliers with links to each of their websites where you can shop for your commonly needed goods and services with NSHE-BCN discounts and contracted levels of service. 
  • Next there is a list, maintained as a separate document, of suppliers with links to their websites, who have contracts that can be used to purchase supplies and services at discounted prices and contracted terms.  This list is categorized by the type of product or service, and is intended to provide a way to identify contracted suppliers for commonly purchased items.  
  • Next there is a list of Co-Op Buying Services in which NSHE-BCN participates.  Linking to the Co-OP websites will provide access to 100's of  contracted suppliers that will provide needed goods and services at discounted pricing and contracted terms.  You can search most of these websites by name of supplier and/or category of needed goods or services.  Using such contracts, at least for smaller dollar purchases will, in most cases, satisfy competitive solicitation requirements. 
  • Next comes a Documents & Forms section with access to many of the documents that detail policies and procedures, and the forms that are needed to complete various tasks related to purchasing and contracting. 
  • Policies and procedures dealing with Asset Management (Equipment Inventory), Surplus Property and Theft and Accidents are detailed in the next section. 
  • Other topics such as Moving-Relocation, etc. will be added when available.