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For Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the Faculty and Staff pages!  Here you can find lots of interesting and useful items.   

  • First is a list of Preferred Contracted Suppliers with connections to web sites where you can find products at discounted pricing and at guaranteed service levels.  You are encouraged to search these suppliers web sites for the products you need. 
  • Next is a list of co-ops to which NSHE and/or BCN Purchasing are members.  In turn, the co-ops provide access for their members to contracted suppliers' products and services.  You are encouraged to search the co-op's website for the products and services you need.  In most cases, you can search either by type of product-service or by supplier name. 
  • Next comes a Documents & Forms section with access to many of the documents that detail policies and procedures, and the forms that are needed to complete various tasks related to purchasing and contracting. 
  • Next is information about customs and freight forwarding. 
  • Next are some topics about using Workday.
  • Other topics will be added when available.